Optimist is licensed for Diving Charters and can comfortably accomodate 6 Divers and equipment.  The charterer will be responsible for providing their own Dive Master and ensuring that all Divers are suitably fit and able to perform the intended Dives.


South Devon provides a great variety of Dive sites from inshore shallow water Dives to deep water wreck Dives.  Optimist can be chartered for as little as a few hours or several days depending upon your requirements.  Facilities on board include the latest electronics for precise dive site location.  Tea and coffee, and oven for heating pies, pasties etc, also good toilet facilities for both male and female divers.


As we offer bespoke charters to cater for your specific requirements please contact us via email or phone for an individual quotation for your trip.



Some of the popular dive sites within easy reach of our homeport of Brixham: -


Wreck - Herzogin Cecille 7 mts
This wreck is broken up but is still a popular dive due to the visibility and sea life.

Thatcher Reef/Tucker Rock 6 - 25 mts
Thatcher Reef can be dived at slack water at a depth of 10 metres and Tucker Rock ideal for shallow dives at high tide with plenty of fish, sponges, corals and rocks. Some 6 - 25 metre dive.


London Bridge - 10m Reef
Arched shaped 'bridge' of rock which is situated just outside
Torquay Harbour. Finds include pipework debris from wrecks and lobsters. Excellent rock diving with good visibility Depth approx 10 metres.

The Tug Boat 12 - 15 mts
Broken wreck ideal for confidence building dives.

Eastern Blackstone 12 – 25 mts
Exceptional reef dive with drop offs.

Galicia 15 - 20mts
5922 ton wreck with lots of sea life on her.

Bretagne 18-26mts
This wreck is of a schooner - rigged single - screw steel steamer. She is 1439 tons. She is laying upright on the sea bed. She is 232 feet long and has a beam of 35 feet. The wreck of the
Bretagne is covered in silt but visibility is very good. Depth to deck level is approx. 18 metres and 25 metres to the sea bed. Much of the Bretagne is still intact and is a superb dive, one of which is most popular. It can be dived at any state of tide but is preferable during slack water.

Persier 19 – 28 mts
5382 ton Belgian steamer.

Lord Stewart - 32m
This is the wreck of an Armed merchantman approximately 1445 tons. The Lord Stewart is again sitting upright on the sea bed and you can clearly see the damage to it's starboard side caused by a torpedo in 1918.

Perrone - 3342tons lying in 29mts

Newholme 28 - 44 meters
The back of the wreck is broken but she is reasonably intact and lying on a sandy slope.

Picton Castle 33 – 37 mts
Admiralty trawler with lots of fish life

The Maine - 30 - 37 meters at sea bed
This wreck is a torpedoed cargo ship which is still reasonably intact and a popular dive.

Oregon – 26 – 30 mts
Steel hulled sailing ship.

Chateau Yquem - 44m
The wreck of a 1913 ton French Steamer, with hull intact although bridge was destroyed by torpedo. Sitting upright on the seabed at a depth of 44 metres. Bow and stern are in good condition with much of the wooden deck still there.

This cargo vessel lies in 32m and offers plenty of "engineering" for divers to enjoy

Lying across the tide in 40m


Some of the Deeper Wrecks

The Murree
sitting upright on a 70m seabed and the superstructure rising to 38m, the Murree spans the border between deep-air and trimix diving.

MEDINA12,358-ton British P & O liner, 60m, 13m Upright, list to port. Reasonably intact.

11,140-ton New Zealand Shipping Company triple-screw three-deck liner, Depth: 55m-11m proud, upright, slight list to port, intact fore and aft.

Big steamship in impressive condition at 46mts


This is a big steamship still in impressive condition at 46mts

This is a big upright wreck still in good condition at 47mts

3885-ton British steamer, Upside-down, bow cracked open, 12m proud. Bow damage caused by torpedoes, otherwise remarkably well preserved in 48mts.

2805-ton steel single-screw British steamer Upright and 11m proud. Bow broken away. Depth 47mts.

1129-ton Norwegian steamer, 43m. Upright, listing to port. 33m to deck.

15,585-ton Royal Sovereign class battleship,44m. Depth to keel 30m. Two openings amidships

15,000-ton battleship, Depth: 60m.

1210-ton three-masted iron sailing ship, Depth: 52m.

ALDERSHOT - 3800ton merchantman lying in 54mts

BRUNHILDA - big steamer lying in 57mts

WAIKAWA - plenty to see in 56mts

GRELHAME - 3740 tons in 66mts

BOSTONIAN - 73 mts


PERENTIS - 71mts




This area is relatively little dived compared with the more well-known parts of the Devon coastline - why not try somewhere different for a change. Visibility can be as good here as anywhere along the South Devon coast and there is a huge amount to explore wrecks and reefs without the need to share them with other groups.