Common Skate Fishing Trips:

We offer trips to fish for these leviathans that grow in excess of 200lb! we have caught them weighing from 17lb - 214lb with the average size being around 150lb. We fish with 50-80lb class rods,large multipliers loaded with braid,12/0 bronzed hooks and 250lb hook lengths! this is not for the faint-hearted as the average fight lasts over an hour! As these fish are as rare as Siberian tigers,they are photograhed and released.To gain an idea of their size,the largest landed on my boat was 7ft 3in long and 5ft 10in across the wings and 15in thick weighing 214lb and calculated to be over 100years old

I limit the anglers to a maximum of 6 individuals as the stern has to be clear to assist an angler that is "hooked-up".

Depth of water fished is 55ft- 200ft

(unlike OBAN @ 300ft-500ft!)

All gear can be provided as part of the package price


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